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I dance through life very differently after the sudden loss of my oldest son Nigel in August of 2014. In search of light in the vortex of my grief I found art to be the touchstone that brought me comfort. About a year ago I was researching the idea of becoming a death doula. After a 6 month period of pondering my reason for wanting to do this I found that my intent may be askew. It was last winter after commissioning a local artisan to custom make a concrete coffee table for our home a light went off. I was going to learn how to cast concrete and make jewellry with it. I set myself up a studio in the basement. Picked the brains of my art school friends that majored in sculpture and mold making. I then hooked up with a mentor and got down to it. On the anniversary of Nigel's passing this year The idea of creating a cremation & memorial line of jewelry was born. I would love the opportunity to create a cherished remembrance for you.

Cremation Jewelry

Remains are cast directly into the concrete then sealed after curing. You can mail the ashes to the studio or bring them in yourself. If you would like to be part of the casting process this can be arranged by appointment with the studio . All remains are handled with care & respect.